Men’s Flag Football League will be held in the new Carencro Sports Complex located at 3607 NW Evangeline Thruway.   Registration is ongoing and league is expected to begin September 6th 2016.
Adult Slow Pitch Tournament (Richie Soley) September 03 2016.
Opening soon “Carencro Sports Complex” a new indoor (a/c) arena located at 3607 NW Evangeline Thwy.  You can schedule birthday parties, special events 7 days a week.  Youth and adult leagues will also be offered in multiple sports.

“MERCREDI” will kick off Wednesday September 14, 2016 6pm.  Opening performer is Lil Wayne and Same Ole Two Steps.

Pelican Park. South Louisiana’s Premier Sports Complex


View any upcoming games, concerts, or any other events scheduled at the park.


Pelican Park is home of youth fast pitch as well as adult slow pitch. We have all the information you need to register your team, find out game times, and help with any other questions you have.



Youth Baseball leagues and tournaments here held here regularly. Find all the information you need here.


Flag Football

Adult flag football leagues are held here seasonally. Click here to view all information regarding our flag football leagues.


Mercredi Show

Concerts are held at Pelican Park every Wednesday Night during certain time son the year. You can view upcoming performers as well as get other information about the shows here.



Pelican Park is the premiere Southern Louisiana sports complex, and we have at the facility to back it up. The four-field complex is beautifully taken care of and includes a stage for concerts, as well as a pond and walking trail. Click here for more information on what the park has to offer.

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